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Welcome to the Clan Connelly web site. At present the Connelly Clan are scattered to the far corners of the globe, predominantly in Scotland, however there are three distinct origins to the Irish surname Connelly. These origins are in the tribe names O'Conghaile of Connacht and of Monaghan, and O'Conghalaigh of Munster.The Monaghan tribe was the most important of these in early times, as it was one of the 'four tribes of Tara', and a branch of the southern O'Neill Clan.

It later lost this prominent position when it was forced out of its original territory during the Anglo-Norman invasion and the arrival of Duke William of Hastings in 1066.A.D. The Munster Connolly's were of great importance in West Cork and were subjects to the O'Donovans. Today the name is most frequently recorded in the three counties where it originated, namely, Monaghan, Galway and Cork.

Several spelling variations were found in the archives researched. Most of these were the result of families trying to translate the name from the Gaelic to the english or vice versa. Amongst the many variations of the name Connelly, from time to time, included Connolly,Conolly,Connally, O'Connolly, Connolley, Connally, Connelly, Conoley, Connaleigh, Connelay, O'Conghaile, O'Conghalaigh and these changes in the spelling frequently occurred. It was most common to find the name several different ways during the lifetime of the same person, when he or she was born, married and died ...... Continued


What is a Clan ?
A clan is a group of people united by kinship and descent, which is defined by perceived descent from a common ancestor. Even if actual lineage patterns are unknown, clan members may nonetheless recognize a founding member or apical ancestor. As kinship based bonds .......more.

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